Ninja Survive II

Game description
  • Ninja Survive II is an action Symbian^3 game using device’s sensor to control. Once again, our Ninja has to take the test of survival in the rooms which are full of deadly weapons to complete his mission. This is a sequel to Ninja Survive with more features and exciting game modes. Use this game to test your reflexes, skill and luck.
  • There are two different modes: Story (available only in Full version) and Survival. In Story mode, the target is to survive in a limited time. When you complete a level, you will be able to proceed to next level with more challenges. In Survival mode, there is no time limit. The target of this mode is to make highest score. The longer you survive, the higher score you will get, and you will get extra scores by picking treasure. That also means the difficult level will gradually increase.
  • The character’s movement is controlled by the phone’s orientation and touch screen. The character will stand still when the phone is parallel to the floor. Move the ninja to the left or right by tilting the phone leftward or rightward accordingly. Tap the screen to make the ninja jump up. An extra jump can be made while the ninja is moving upward. Control your ninja to evade harmful objects and get useful things (by contacting them).
  • You will survive as long as your health point is not reduce to 0. Your health point can increase or reduce due to the items your character get. You can see your health point at the bottom of game screen.
  • There are kinds of item that you must not let the character get them. The weapons like: knife, shuriken, arrow will take away the character’s health point intermediately while the poison will reduce his speed. The bomb will kill your ninja instantly.
  • There are kinds of item that support your ninja. The red medicine will recover the health point, the charm will boost his speed and the armor will make him invulnerable temporarily.
  • Remember to check the time and score information usually. These are displayed at the bottom of the screen. 
  • When you complete a campaign in Story mode, you unlock a new room background for Survival mode. Change the background in Option.